Material: 6082 grade aluminium anodised for the main body components.
Stainless steel 304 connector bushing.
Engineering Nylon end-caps. 
Colour: The unit is offered in Black or Natural Anodised
Overall Length: 249.5 mm
Outside diameter:  48.4 mm
Weight:  480 grams
Length added to the barrel: 177.5 mm
Screw threads dimensions: Two tread dimensions are offered as standard M18 x 1 for heavy barrelled rifles and M14 x 1 for lighter profile rifle barrels.
Barrel treaded tang dimensions (to be machined): M18 x 1 standard metric tread 19mm long. M14 x 1 standard metric tread 19mm long.

Custom treaded units will be offered at an additional cost.

Units must be ordered calibre specific, thus the bore will be cut to the specific calibre, but barrel bushing and treading on the barrel will need to be done by a competent gunsmith or machinist. Barrel bushing needs to be precision machined to match the barrel with a size to size fit. The barrel-bushing size is to be measured 70mm from the shoulder of the treaded barrel. Barrel-bushing is to be cut to a precision size to size fit.   

Usage and cleaning and maintenance recommendations:
The unit generates heat and this leads to condensation formation within the unit. Add to this the contained propelling gasses and un-burnt propellant, this leads to a very corrosive environment. After use the unit should be detached and set on the muzzle side down to dry. Leaving the suppressor fitted for extended periods after shooting can lead to possible corrosion of the muzzle section of your rifle.

Cleaning the suppressor is to be done with a bore brush without any additional bore cleaners or solvents.